The following organizations have generously agreed to contribute reports to be included in DAHA.  If your organization would like to become a DAHA partner, please contact Rachel Fernandez.

Amerind Foundation All of Amerind’s published and unpublished reports including seminal publications on sites in Southern Arizona and Chihuahua.
Archaeology Southwest Huhugam reports produced by Archaeology Southwest (formerly, Center for Desert Archaeology)
Arizona Museum of Natural History Reports documenting work at Phoenix/Mesa area Huhugam sites, such as Mesa Grande, over the course of 34 years
ASU Center for Archaeology & Society Reports that describe the ASU Office of Cultural Management’s seminal archaeological work on Huhugam sites in the Phoenix and Tonto Basins
ASU Libraries, Archives and Special Collections Reports, maps, from early 20th century Huhugam research including the Frank Midvale Papers Collection.
Desert Archaeology, Inc. Anthropological Papers and Technical Reports from Desert Archaeology’s 32 years of research in the Phoenix and Tucson basins
EcoPlan Associates, Inc. Reports presenting the results of EcoPlan’s archaeological projects in the Phoenix Basin over the course of 16 years
Logan Simpson Design, Inc. Reports that document Logan Simpson’s excavation and testing projects in the Phoenix Basin, primarily the Phoenix metro area
City of Phoenix, Pueblo Grande Museum Reports and documents describing a century of research at Pueblo Grande; several series of reports that describe work at other large archaeological sites in the Phoenix metro area
Rio Salado Archaeology Reports documenting Rio Salado’s 9 years of archaeological research in the Phoenix Basin
Statistical Research, Inc. (SRI) Relevant reports that describe SRI’s archaeological work in the Phoenix and Tucson basins over the course of 30 years
USDI Bureau of Reclamation, Phoenix Area Office Reports documenting decades of archaeological investigations on the lands and waterways that the agency manages in central and southern Arizona